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Foreign Enterprise «My Lovely Asia Co» was established on 29th August, 2008, for the production of consumer goods.

The target of our company is to bring benefits for society, proposing contemporary, effective and high quality consumption goods. Social responsibility for us- is first of all, proposing quality and accessible products, creating new jobs and safe environment, health and staff development. This entire, not just words, but strategy, targeting steady and long-terms development of the enterprise.

In a meantime FE LLC «My Lovely Asia Co» is one of the leaders among the companies, working in the modern consumer goods market. FE LLC «My Lovely Asia Co» is specialized the production of consumer goods: shampoos, detergent soap, dishwashing gels, liquid dishwashing detergents, washing powders, scoring powder, hand wash liquid and glass cleaners, for the production of which only high-quality raw materials are used.

Our Strategy 

Strategy of FE LLC «My Lovely Asia» based on our corporate values, and in a meanwhile it’s a driving force of our successful development, directed to an achievement of long-terms enterprise target – to become a World Leader.

           Our Mission – establishment of new values for consumers and employees through continues improvement of our performance.

          The Principles of FC LLC «My Lovely Asia Co» are:

  • Mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers;
  • Professionalism and ,modern level of staff training;
  • Continues improvement of quality management system.

         The main priorities of the organization are:

  • Maximum practicality of products in combination with affordable price and quality;
  • Increment of qualification and professional staff growth;
  • Creating an image and ensuring confidence in the activities of the company as reliable, business partner
  • Improving infrastructure and work environment;
  • Improving the quality of work by improving the technological process of production;
  • Expansion of the production and sales of shampoo, detergent soap, dish gel, liquid detergent, washing powder, cleaning products and glass detergents. 
  • Maintaining the organization’s quality management system in working condition and constantly improving the effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008;
  • Ensuring that this Quality Policy is communicated to staff and understood within the organization. 


FE LLC «My Lovely Asia Co» working in the market of household goods, it has established itself as a reliable and qualified partner. The company constantly monitors the compliance of its products with quality standards, starting from the incoming inspection of raw materials and ending with the control of finished products. This ensures a consistently high quality product and the prestige of the enterprise in the market of household chemical goods.

Management of FE LLC «My Lovely Asia Co» undertakes to ensure compliance with the requirements of the quality management system and continuous improvement of its effectiveness, as well as with all necessary resources to achieve the objectives.

The management is obliged to annually analyze the activities of the enterprise to achieve its objectives and, if necessary, revise this Quality Policy.

For the prosperity and development of our enterprise, we strive to constantly update equipment and technology for the production of new products; we invest and reinvest to satisfy our partners and consumers.













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